Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

1.1. "The Company" – bookmaker PlanetOfBets.com represented by Planet of Bets Entertainment B.V. (registration number 133510) which is registered at the address Curacao, Willemstad, E-Commerce Park Vredenburg.

1.2. "The Client" – the player who registered on the site of the Company.

2. The offer

2.1. The Company offers services in the placement and maintenance of sports events betting for real money.

3. General provisions

3.1. Relations of the Company and the Client shall be subject to the applicable legislation of Curacao. The place of performance of all obligations on the betting shall be Curacao. All disputes arising under betting or in connection with the betting shall be considered in the court of Curacao.

3.2. In case of access to the account and implementation any operation with betting or funds in the account the Client accepts these Terms and Conditions and agrees to follow them at all time the activity of his gaming account. The Client is obliged to view these Terms and conditions for changes at least once a month.

3.3. The Company reserves the right to make changes in these Terms and conditions in any time without any consent and notification of the players.

4. Liability

4.1. The Company declares that betting placement can be restricted or prohibited by law of the country of residence. These restrictions are valid even if the permits (licenses) to conduct gambling and betting activities. Therefore the Client must take note that if the betting is prohibited or allowed with restrictions not specified in these Terms and Conditions all liability for any damages incurred as a result of this shall be solely on the Client. The Company shall not be liable for damages suffered by the Client in connection with violation of the relevant legislative prohibitions in his country.

4.2. By placing bets the Client confirms that he has reached the age of majority and has full legal capacity to enter into an agreement with the Company. Breach of this term will entail the closure of the account or using other necessary measures.

4.3. The Company shall not be liable for damages suffered by the Client because of improper using of the account as well as in the case loss of the control over the account and using of the account by third parties.

4.4. Claims of the Clients to the Company or its authorized representatives about incurred losses (in particular, due to malfunction of the system, defects, delays, errors or manipulation of data) are not allowed except the claims relating to deliberate acts or gross negligence. In addition, the Company's liability can’t exceed the rate, the rate amount or prize to be paid, depending which the amount is higher.

4.5. If the Client loses 5 000 Euro within four weeks the Company is entitled to assume measures to protect the Client from further losses.

5. The registration

5.1. To participate in the offer of the Company you need register as the Client. In the registration process you are obliged to fill the registration application completely and correctly.

5.2. The Company reserves the right to block access to the account for the clients who have provided the Company with false information during registration and to refuse these clients in the payment of winnings and withdrawal of funds. The Company at its discretion may request the Client’s official document (with the photo) identifying his or her personality (copies of the passport, driving license) and a document confirming the place of residence (bank statement, utility bill).

5.3. After successful registration the account will be created. All bets and winnings will be passed through this account.

6. The account

6.1. General provisions

6.1.1. Each Client can have one account only. Registered clients are prohibited to make new registration with using new registration information or new email address. The Client is entitled to re-register under his own data but choosing a currency different from the currency of an existing account, except cases if first account was previously closed, blocked or limited. In case of violation of this clause the Company reserves the right to suspend activity of the accounts, cancel all bets of the Client and refuse to pay funds.

6.1.2. If there is suspicion of fraud as well as in violation of these Terms and Conditions the Company has the right to refuse service account. Any criminal or suspicious activities may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

6.1.3. In case of failure to maintain the account the Company returns funds available in the account after deduction the processing fees of 10% but on the understanding that the funds in the account was received legally and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

6.1.4. Referral links accounts belonging to one Client - is prohibited. This accounts will be permanently block, without compensation payments.

6.1.5. Prohibited use of the account to perform conversion operations in any of their form. This accounts will be permanently block, without compensation payments.

6.1.6. The Client confirms that him have read terms of service «Yandex Money» , agree that the company's financial obligations the client is executed by crediting the appropriate amount to the customer an electronic means of payment in the payment service "Yandex Money".

6.2 Access to the account

6.2.1 Identification of the Client on the Company’s website and access to the account is realized though using of registration data (login and password). Login and password chosen by the Client during registration on the website.

6.2.2 The Client is responsible for keeping of the registration data before third parties and is not entitled to assign the access to the account to third parties for playing on his behalf. Any actions made with using of the Client’s registration data (login and password) are considered as made by the Client. The Client is not entitled to require the Company to cancel finance transaction on his account if these transactions were made with using of the Client’s registration data.

6.2.3. If the Client does not stake and make any finance transaction on the account during 6 (six) months this account will be deactivated.

6.2.4. If the balance reaches zero and the account is not active during 12 (twelve) months the Company is entitled to close the account without any notification of the Client.

6.3 The complaints about the account

6.3.1 The complaints about account statements and account balances can be sent within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of the corresponding statement publication on the Company's website. The complaints can be sent via e-mail or internal mail of the appropriate department. If the complaint is not made within this term, it is considered that the Client agrees to the specified account balance. The Company is entitled not to consider the complaints received after the deadline.

6.4 Deposits

6.4.1 The availability of the payment method varies by country and currency chosen upon registration. When making the deposit the payment systems take the fee. The Company does not take fee in such cases.

6.4.2 Purse of any payment system or a phone number will be fixed to the Client from the time of the next deposit and can only be used by this Client on all their accounts established in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

6.4.3 It’s automerchant for a few payment systems. Replenishment is automatically in this case. If replenishment is carried out manually the process will take up about 72 (seventy two) hours business days.

6.4.4 Each Client is entitled to see the current restrictions on deposit in his account. The Company reserves the right to inspect and, if necessary, change these limits at any time. Deposit limit will be increased by the amount of payments made in the previous thirty (30) calendar days. The Client may agree with the Company the deposit limit which will be more standard. However in this case the Company reserves the right to reduce the amount till to the standard amount in any time.

6.4.5 The Company reserves the right to take the fee for transactions processing and also as well as to change the fee upward or downward. The fee for the transaction processing shall be taken from the Client’s account during the processing.

6.4.6 In case of violation (because of technical problems) entering of the payment on the Client’s account the Client may notify the Company about this fact and provide the Company’s relevant department of technical support with the necessary information (date and time of the payment, the payment system, the account and exact amount)the via the internal mail of the game account . If necessary Company is entitled to request documentary evidence of the transaction.

6.4.7 The payment by SMS shall be made through the company "A1 Agregator" (http://a1pay.ru). All disputable situations about processing of these payments shall be resolved by the Client with the company "A1 Agregator" on the site http://a1help.ru.

6.4.8 If the Client pays deposits by SMS the Client receives bonus of 50% of the amount received to the account for the compensation of the operator and the company "A1 Agregator". This bonus must be used for the bets on any event. The Company is entitled to change the size of the bonus in its sole discretion.

6.4.9 There is a limit for the payments made by using of SMS to short numbers. If the Client reached the limit he will be informed about in response SMS. Restrictions are imposed on the average rate of 10 SMS per hour or 50 messages a day from one phone number.

6.4.10 For by replenishment by using SMS the Client is entitled to use not more than four numbers which belong to him. If the limit is exceeded the actions of the Client will be recognized as suspicious and it will be used sanctions to this Client (see 6.6.5).

6.5 Winnings

6.5.1 The maximum amount of the winning at one bet is 360,000 RUR. (100,000 UAH, 15,000 USD, 12,000 EUR). The maximum winning coefficient at one bet is 1000. In the event of its excess payment shall be made at coefficient of 1000. In any time all the limitations specified in this clause can be changed by the Company in competition as well as individually for the participants of the bet. Calculation of the bets which were taken earlier shall be made on the previous terms.

6.6 Payments

6.6.1 The Client agrees that the payments are possible only on payment systems which used to make the deposit. If there is no deposit (partner program) the payment system shall be agreed with responding support department via internal email.

6.6.2 If the Client uses a few payment systems, purses, telephone numbers for deposits the payments shall be made in proportion to the deposits of each payment system, purse and telephone numbers.

6.6.3 In case of the payments to the telephone numbers the Company has limit for first payment. The limit is 1 (one) week since the date of first deposit using SMS.

6.6.4 The Client may receive the payments to the telephone numbers only in case his SMS deposits (received by the company "A1 Agregator") have the status "ok". If there is other status the Client is obliged to resolve all these questions on the site http://a1help.ru. If the Client has status other than "ok" the Company is entitled to refuse to pay from the account as uncovered.

6.6.5 If the Client exceeds the limit of 4 telephone numbers for the deposits, the Company on the step of the payment can use following sanctions to the Client: commission of 20% for each deposit through any telephone number, the delay to pay can reach 2 (two) weeks, the requirement to provide the Company with copies of the contract with mobile operators on all numbers which used for the deposits.

7. The bets

7.1 Unacceptable bets

7.1.1 The bets can’t be made on behalf of another person, by order of bookmakers or other persons. It is not allowed to place bets on sporting events to persons who participate in these events (sportsmen, club owners, trainers). It is also not allowed to place bets on behalf of such persons. In the case of breach of these conditions the Company is entitled to declare the bets as invalid, refuse to pay any winnings or return the deposits. The Company is entitled to use these measures immediately after it became known about the involvement of the Client to one of the listed persons.

7.2 Unknown results

7.2.1 By placing the appropriate bet the Client confirms that he does not know about the results of events on which the bet are placed. Otherwise we will consider such actions as fraud. In case of repeatedly violation of this point Company reserve the right to close Client's account and seize all balance available.

7.3 Compromising bets

7.3.1 The Company is entitled in any time and for any reason to refuse any bet which (in the opinion of the Company) is dubious.

7.4 The amount of the bet

7.4.1 The Client is entitled to estimate the bet’s amount but in accordance with the requirements to maximum and minimum amounts of the bets.

7.4.2 The minimum amount of the bet is 1 RUR (0,5 UAH, 0,05 USD or 0,05 EUR).

7.4.3 The maximum amount of the bet is 15000 RUR (3500 UAH, 500 USD or 400 EUR). The Company is entitled to set maximum amount of the bet for each client individually.

7.4.4 To adopt the bet by the system the necessary condition is to have enough balance to cover the bet.

7.4.5 Partially cover of the bet amount is not allowed, the rate will not be adopted without full coverage of the amount.

7.5 The confirmation of the bet

7.5.1 The bet is adopted at the time of its confirmation by the Company. The bet is confirmed at the moment when the message about the bet appears in the section "Bet history".

7.5.2 In case of a dispute regarding the moment of the bet adoption it is taken the moment of the bet’s registration by the Company.

7.6 Invalid bets

7.6.1 If the bet is declared as invalid (for example as a result of the event cancellation) the bet amount will be returned to the Client’s account. Herewith if the bet was included into the "Express" so this express shall be re-calculated without taking into account of this invalid bet.

7.7 Late bets

7.7.1 If the bet is made after the start of the event provided that it is not live-betting) this bet is declared as invalid.

7.7.2 If live-bet is made after the event results became known this bet is declared as invalid.

7.8 Terms of betting

7.8.1 The Company reserves the right to fix individual terms of the bets placement for each event.

7.9 Adopted bets

7.9.1 Placed and adopted according to these Terms and Conditions bets can’t be returned or canceled. The Client is obliged to check the correction of the card filling in accordance with the requirements of these Terms and Conditions.

7.10 The errors

7.10.1 The Company is not responsible for the errors in printing, during transferring and in the bets calculation.

7.10.2 The Company is entitled to correct obvious errors (also and after the end of the event): the errors in coefficients, the names of the teams or the events).

7.10.3 The Company is not responsible for the correction, completeness and timeliness of provided information.

7.11 The bets calculation

7.11.1 In the bets with fixed coefficient the calculation of the winnings shall be made by multiplying the coefficient by the bet amount.

7.11.2 Calculation of played bets shall be made after the official announcement of the event results but not later than 48 (forty eight) hours since the end of the event.

7.12 Game time

7.12.1 Soccer The regular match time is 2 times of 45 minutes and the time compensated by the referee. The bets can be made only for the regular match time. Overtime and penalty shoot-out are not included into the calculation of the bets (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

7.12.2 Hockey The regular match time is 3 periods of 20 minutes. The bets can be made only for the regular match time. Overtime, bullets are not included into the calculation of the bets (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

7.12.3 Basketball, volleyball, rugby, snooker, tennis, boxing The bets are calculated on the final results unless explicitly stated otherwise.

7.13 Failed / broken / transferred events

7.13.1 If the match never took place, was broken and not completed within a day all bets are void and refundable and are excluded from "the express" (except the cases specified in the in the sport sections). The bets are void, non-refundable and excluded in spite of all accomplished facts (the result of first time, quick goal, goal of the player, etc.).

7.13.2 In the event the match is transferred to neutral field the bets will remain valid. In the event the match is transferred on the field of the other team the bets shall be returned, the bets from the "Express" shall be excluded.

7.13.3 In the event the match is transferred from one town the bets will remain valid and non-refundable(regardless of the field).

7.13.4 In international matches the bets are returned only in case of the match transferring to another country.

7.13.5 In case of the result cancelation or changing (the protest, doping, etc.) the calculation of the bet will be made by using of first result.

7.13.6 If in a tennis match one participant for any reason refuses to continue the game (or disqualified) the loss is taken in all remaining games and sets for that participant. The calculation will be based on the result obtained.

7.13.7 If the refusal (disqualification) happened till the star of the match the bets will be returned.

7.13.8 If the event was not taken place in due time the bets can be returned (at the discretion of the Company).

8. The Results

8.1 The results are considered valid if it were declared on the basis of official records and other official sources of the information. Considered valid the results are declared on the basis of official records and other official sources of information. Video viewing is not official source of the information.

8.2 If there are any signs of obvious error in provided coefficients the Company reserves the right to return the bet (also and after declaring the match results).

8.3 If (at the opinion of the Company) it was happened the interference into the results of the competition the Company reserves the right to disclose the information about the corresponding side (information regarding observations or suspicion in the appropriate misdemeanor) to sports organizations, authorities or other third party which investigate such cases.

9. Live-betting

9.1 Current score, time, the game statistic and other information of Live-betting on the site of the Company is not official. It can be inaccurate or presented with a time delay. This information is informative and provided "AS IS". If the Client makes bet on the basis of this information he takes full responsibility and risks for the results of the bet.

9.2 The claims related to the inaccuracy of the provided information will not be accepted. The Company recommends to use alternative sources of information always.